• Benefits
    • Cleanses
    • Purifies
    • Tones up
    • Eliminates waterproof makeup
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  • Γαλλικη κρεµα ειδικα σχεδιασµενη για την ευαισθητη περιοχη των µατιων και χειλιων Μια συνολική Αντιγηραντική προσέγγιση για την αντιμετώπιση των προβλημάτων του δέρματος γύρω από τα μάτια και τα χείλη αναπληρώνοντας τις φυσιολογικές ελλείψεις.
    • Λειαίνει και τονίζει το περίγραμμα των χειλιών
    • Ενισχύει και συσφίγγει το περίγραμμα των ματιών
    • Σβήνει τους μαύρους κύκλους
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  • Cream 50 ml Cosmetic - THE FRENCH HERITAGE IN THE SERVICE OF BEAUTY Softens wrinkles and firms-up the skin for a visibly younger face: re-plumped, the skin is firmer, wrinkles are faded and features are smoother. Download pdf: GR RU
  • 30 capsules Dietary supplement - THE FRENCH HERITAGE IN THE SERVICE OF BEAUTY The 124 mg of collagen and 20 mg of hyaluronic acid are bioavailable and naturally assimilated by the body enabling them to work from within and to bring to the skin the essential ingredients to nourish the skin of the inside. The 10 mg of coenzyme Q10 and 15 mg of pycnogenol® bring radiance to the skin. Download pdf: EN GR RU
  • Cosmetic, all skin types, suitable for sensitive skin, from 35 years old on. Gives young look and shine on your skin. Download pdf: GR
  • Intensely stimulates natural hydration of the superficial layers of the skin. The spray covers you in a gentle, freshening veil, leaving your skin silky and delicately scented. Download pdf: GR RU
  • ialugen® Cica is a triple-action solution : it repairs, moisturizes and soothes. This product is recommended for:
    • Pimples scars, irritated skin, chap
    • Moisturising of irritated skin, damaged by sun
    • Post minor aesthetic and dermatologic surgery.
    ialugen® Cica Hyaluronic acid cream
  • Ialuset Plus is a healing of infected wounds and burns, skin conditions primarily bacterial or may become secondarily infected. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of the ground substance of the dermis. It acts on all phases of the healing process. It accelerates healing and re-epithelialization of skin lesions. Its hygroscopic maintains a favorable process of tissue regeneration humid environment. The silver sulfadiazine is a compound which has a marked antibacterial activity, mainly bacteria. Download PDF