Ialugen Advance Antiaging Caps ®

Ialugen Advance Antiaging Caps ®

30 capsules Dietary supplement – THE FRENCH HERITAGE IN THE SERVICE OF BEAUTY

The 124 mg of collagen and 20 mg of hyaluronic acid are bioavailable and naturally assimilated by the body enabling them to work from within and to bring to the skin the essential ingredients to nourish the skin of the inside. The 10 mg of coenzyme Q10 and 15 mg of pycnogenol® bring radiance to the skin.

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Effi ciency recognized by 240 consumers.

The last three years is wining the first price of French beauty competition
“Victoire De La Beaute”.

“Glowing skin, radiance, healthy-looking, smoother and less tired face”
“Results noticed quickly, fi rmer skin, more hydrated, seems replumped”
“Easy to ingest, pleasant pearly presentation, no constraints”

Instructions for use

By oral route, from the age of 30, for all skin types, to complement creams or injections. 1 tablet per day for three months. One month break and all over again.