Ialugen Spray-Mist Regenerating®

Ialugen Spray-Mist Regenerating®

Intensely stimulates natural hydration of the superficial layers of the skin. The spray covers you in a gentle, freshening veil, leaving your skin silky and delicately scented.

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Hyaluronic acid provides natural hydration to the superficial layers of the skin.

The spray-mist brings an immediate refreshing effect.

The fruit-based active ingredients protect cells from external aggressors through its antioxidant, detoxifying and toning properties.

Instructions for use

This scented spray-mist can be applied to the face, neck and chest area on waking, after skincare, on make-up or during the day. Hold the bottle 15-20 cm away and spray onto the face or body while keeping the eyes closed. Repeat application as desired. Suitable for all skin types, both young and mature. For daily use.