Ialuset Silver Spray

Ialuset Silver Spray

The first and only spray with silver ion zeolite crystals for maximum antibacterial protection and maximum guarantee healing of wounds / burns.

Ialuset Silver Spray

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Effective protection and fast Healing for:

  • Sores on skin
  • Sprawling / varices burns
  • Scratches – Cuts
  • Wetting skinfold
  • Immediately postoperatively wound Healing

Clean wounds with an isotonic solution prior to application. Shake the bottle well before use holding it vertically, gently push the supply valve, taking care that the spray be made directly over the area that needs treatment. Do not needlessly dispersed in the atmosphere.

Avoid potential ignition hazard. Spray at short intervals avoiding prolonged administration. Repeat the treatment if necessary twice daily.

There have been adverse reactions to constituents of the product. Suitable for Kids and during pregnancy (Consult your doctor).

For maximum results use Ialuset® SILVER SPRAY 2 times daily for 5-7 days and then continue treatment with Ialuset Plus Creme 100 gr, until full recovery