CBS™ High Security embryo straws

CBS™ High Security embryo straws

Storage and preservation of embryos.

The special design and the mode of filling and sealing of CBS™ High Security straws for cryopreservation of human biological samples makes them fully hermetic, in ultra low temperatures. Manufactured from biocompatible materials, they are used in medically assisted procreation techniques and particularly for embryo preservation. The CBS™ embryo straw is a clear, flexible tube made of ionomeric resin.

Length: 133 mm, Internal diameter: 2.25 mm



Its disposable, transparent filling tip allows introduction of the embryo without contaminating the opening. Two distinct parts separated by a hydrophobic plug guarantee embryo sterility during introduction and recovery after thawing.

The first part holds the embryo and the adjacent dilution solvent (working volume 0.3 ml) while the second part allows insertion of a colored identification rod which also facilitates easy identification in liquid nitrogen.

Sterilized by irradiation. Individually packaged.

The CBS™ High Security embryo straw carries a tamper-proof color-coded identification rod to guarantee sample traceability.

Filling and sealing
Straws are filled by aspiration using a micro-aspirator according to a specific protocol (see detailed product sheet).
The impermeability of the seal is only guaranteed if the CBS™ straws are sealed with the SYMS sealing system.

Storage in liquid nitrogen
Cryo Bio System carries a line of accessories for storage and management of CBS™ straws in liquid nitrogen.

Recommendations for thawing CBS™ straws
After verifying the location of the desired straw, its identification is confirmed by the color of the identification rod.
See our product sheet for precautions to take when thawing.

Three years from date of manufacture.

Reference Description Packaging
010286 CBS™ 0.3 ml embryo straw with hydrophobic plug with transparent filling nozzle preconnected 20